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Monday, August 2, 2010

August 2 Email

Hey mom, dad, and family!

Well The first week was pretty awesome! I'll start with the good news ha ha. My very first day was interesting we knocked a lot of doors, Which I don't like very much.... but it is not to bad. while we were knocking we found one guy that let us in and we talked for a bit and then taught him the first lesson. in my mission we always invite them to be baptized on the first lesson! ALWAYS so we did and he said no but he invited us back which is really cool, he is a vegan though and said that him and his wife would make us dinner so that will be interesting ha ha. also that same day we met a family of 4 and taught them. they are going to pray this week about being baptized it was awesome! we are also teaching a few less active families and recent converts so that is really nice. but the most exciting news is that a family of four contacted a family in the ward and want to get baptized they came to church yesterday and loved it, it is truly amazing! so that is kind of what is going on with teaching. I love teaching so much and i always feel great afterwords, but the contacting people and stuff really is not fun I am not a huge fan of that.

Church was great. I am in the Yorba Linda 4 ward so that is my area, and it is the richest part of the mission. there are some HUGE houses and some sickkkk cars. my companions name is Elder Aller and he is awesome. he is from Arizona, he is an mma fighter and a really cool guy we are getting along great and we teach really good together. we work hard and are trying to be very obedient. he loves working out so we are doing that every morning..... I am so out of shape! but overall I like where I'm at and love my companion.

I am trying really hard to stay focused and not to think about home but it is really hard I think about fishing a lot and how much I love and miss Wyoming (cali is dirty and not very pretty ha ha) there are 3 million people within the boundaries of my mission! that is crazy. I really miss everyone and am trying to just dive in. it is easy when we teach but while we are finding people its hard.

mom, in my package could you send my soccer ball. Also can you send stuff about my alive at 25 class! I might be able to drive if there is record of a defensive driving class. I hope i get pictures soon. and if you see my friends tell them to write me please! the mail just goes to the mission office and i get it on thursdays so make sure you get it there by wednesday

Also i really want to hear from kevin, in detail so tell him he better do that :)

my mission president has some crazy rules but I know he is inspired so i will follow them. we cant play any sports with members or investigators which sucks but o well i guess. it is pretty hot here and I don't like it ha ha cuz everyone has a pool and I want to get in! I still haven't seen the ocean but I'm sure I will soon.

Dad I am so glad I got to talk to you I was super upset when I didn't get a hold of you. but everything turned out ok. I hope everyone is getting ready and excited for school and everything is working out good in laramie. o ya! please send a small pocket knife too i found out i can have one! send whatever else you want I cant really think of anything right now but I know will think of something this week.

Well i should probably get back to work but I love and Miss everyone a lot, I cant wait to hear form you again! just know I am doing alright and that I do love teaching :) you guys mean the world to me!

Elder Doug Baldwin

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